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WD Caviar and RAID

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Hello everyone. I have a question about RAID and two harddrives I'm currently debating with to buy.
Right now I am currently running two Western Digital Caviar blues on my rig, but I do not know what setting of RAID I am using. I believe I am using 0 because all I did was connect the HDDs to the motherboard (Sata) and install my OS on it.
Anyhow, the real question is, how do I check what type of RAID I am using?
I ask because I was reading reviews that the Caviar Green (link below) has its own faults with certain RAID set-ups. The price of the caviar green compared to caviar blue is not that bad considering green is 1.5tb and blue is 1tb. Thing is, I've had recent bad troubles with hard drives lately (mainly seagate. Now I avoid seagate like a plague) since my 2tb seagate agent goflex decided to stop work after.
Will I have problems?
WDC Green
WDC Blue

Thanks in advance, TSF.

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Your motherboard most likely supports raid0 stripe or raid1 mirror. I cant tell what brand model etc your mobo is ? What size are each of your current hard drives ? What is the total hard drive space you see for your hard drive under my computer ?
Greens don't make good raid drives due to the power save features also check WD site the data sheets will indicate which drives are supported in a raid setup and its not all of them which is why so many have issues using desktop drives for raid sets
Based on your information you don't have any raid setup on your current drives raid requires the drives to be the same exact size. According to the specs your link provides the Asus MB supports raid levels 0/1/5/10/JBOD The raid config is in the bios you change the sata ports from IDE to Raid then setup the raid set. Don't do this with the current setup it will delete the partitions on your current drives. You have to install new clean drives setup the raid set then re-load the OS. Based on your posts I am not sure you are grasping the concept of what raid is and what its all about you may want to do some research with google on the various raid levels and learn about it. It is possible to create a raid set then image the boot drive back to the raid set this is advanced techniques we do all the time on servers just takes some knowledge of software disk tools to make it happen.
Check WD site to see if they are approved for use in a raid
Yes it will be fine for that
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