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WD Caviar and RAID

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Hello everyone. I have a question about RAID and two harddrives I'm currently debating with to buy.
Right now I am currently running two Western Digital Caviar blues on my rig, but I do not know what setting of RAID I am using. I believe I am using 0 because all I did was connect the HDDs to the motherboard (Sata) and install my OS on it.
Anyhow, the real question is, how do I check what type of RAID I am using?
I ask because I was reading reviews that the Caviar Green (link below) has its own faults with certain RAID set-ups. The price of the caviar green compared to caviar blue is not that bad considering green is 1.5tb and blue is 1tb. Thing is, I've had recent bad troubles with hard drives lately (mainly seagate. Now I avoid seagate like a plague) since my 2tb seagate agent goflex decided to stop work after.
Will I have problems?
WDC Green
WDC Blue

Thanks in advance, TSF.

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My hard drives are at their max space setting. One is a 300gb, the other is a 150gb.

The reason I want a 1TB+ Harddrive is for space. I currently have 450gb of HDD space and since I am getting into video editing, i need even more space for raw footage. I plan on using the new hard drive as my main OS hard drive (cloning my current main HDD to the new one), but that's what worries me about the caviar green.
I want to use this hard drive for normal use. Having games be read from it, storing photos, vidieos, and programs, and store some of my mp3 files.
Ah, alright. I was checking my motherboard menu quite a bit, but couldn't find anything. I actually was at a lost. Since this is a home desktop computer for school and gaming, I guess it's alright to get the caviar green and have him problems, right?
Oh. I'm sorry. At first I thought I was using raid, but apparently I am not.
Since I am not, is it alright for the Caviar Green to be used for standard home HDD use?
Thank you very much, Networks :)
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