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When I try to launch Watchmen, it comes up with the "first time setup" following the launch window to select your running specifications.

No matter what I select, once i click "play" the window disappears and the game never starts up. When i go to re-try, this process continues all over again.

I was reading through a "multi-launcher" problem page stating:
1. uninstall
2. re-download game but do not install
2. browse to Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/watchmen/
3. open file installscript.vdf with notepad and delete this line and every line below it:
4. save the file, install and run game.

and I uninstalled the games, re-downloaded it, deleted the DirectX and following lines; the game still doesn't want to come up after the launch window.

also want to note, the game did work for me previously

(I have posted on the steam forums for the game with no reply, so I am attempting here)
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