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wanna close port 5051

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Hi everybody!!!
I wanna close port 5051.Would you tell me how,please??
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Re: ports are open and i dont know why or how to close them :D


You may check your computer's built-in or software firewall if you have this Port No. open and you may remove it from there. Also, logon to your router's config. page and remove the Port No.
See,this is what I did:I added port 5051 to the Exceptions in Ctrl Panel window.Then I chose "Do not allow exceptions" in General Tab.But when I checked my netstat through cmd again,the stupid port is still open...

Help please...!!
I also checked my routers config page and jeez there is not so much as a word like port there,much less their numbers and a way to disable 'em.

And hey,how should I know which program use which port to connect,I mean I know some of them but not all and firewall settings only reveal their names and path!!
Maybe you'll let us know the exact make and model of the modem, router, and what version of Windows you're running now?
Oh,of course " johnwill".

OS: Win XP,Service Pack 2
Modem,that also works as my router is ADSL -Billion,S group.

Now help me,please !!!
Well, that model isn't recognized, can you give the exact model from the label on the bottom?

It's what is exactly written at the bottom:
Product:Dual Port ADSL2+ Modem/Router
Model:BiPAC 5210S
Billion Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Does that help?
I'd upgrade it to the latest firmware available from here:

Next, I'd download the User's Manual and see if they have some insight.
Oh,Wow,I will do it ,thanks tesoro.
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