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Help! I get two popup windows at start up. The first will not go away, entitled "WALN_Cfg" with the message "error reading Image4->". The second message will go away after I click "OK" several times: "The application or DLL C:|WINDOWS\System32\SHFOLDER.dll is not a valid Windows image. Please check against your installation diskette.".
Eventually (and I'm not sure how this happens), I'll get a prompt to enter my Windows XP Password, which I do not remember. I turn the PC off and start all over again. Usually I can work through all this, surf the net, read emails, etc; until that XP Passwor sign on shows up.
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Have your XP CD at hand you may need it.

#Restoring corrupt/missing Windows files.

-Press: Winkey+r
-Type: sfc /scannow
-Hit Enter

It will try and restore missing or corrupt Windows Protected Files and may take a long time (although you'll see a progress bar).

Reboot after his and see how that goes.
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Thanks Kalim!

Thanks Kalim for your help! Not sure where you're from but in America we would say "You Rock!" Thanks for your help! The dll problems are gone, although the WALN_Cfg still appears. Any idea about that?
Thanks Again! I really appreciate your help! - Djay
You're very welcome djaysr
Yes, I was brought up in the States so I understand.:grin:

Do you have all your device drivers updated?

Check you have them all updated as per visit the motherboard manufacturer website and search for your make/model/version for its drivers.

See if that changes this error.

Everytime you get such errors, you should give this same sfc /scannow a try and see if it helps. It repairs/restores missing and damages system files needed by windows.
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