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I installed Virtual xp mode in my w7 Pro--but I don't get TOOLS in The Window screen--Hence , I cant get to settings to change INTEGRATION-- I cannot get settings even by going VIRTUAL-XPMODE and properties--- SERTTINGS should pop up there , but it doesn't.

Could my download procedure have been wrong?

---everything else works , special old xp programs -- But I cant change the resolution?

I hope that I don't have to uninstall and reinstall , BUT -- Your help will be appreciated ---

I am a new registrant- Will I get an Email that there is a response? Thanks,,,Ralph
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Please provide us with your system specifications - particularly the exact make and model of your processor and motherboard.

I'd suggest uninstalling everything and then trying to reinstall everything as the first thing to do.
Thanks you Urasma , for replying --

Fortunately, I solved the problem myself, by luck--

My resolution in w7 was too low for XPM to be able to read the whole menu , hence TOOLS was missing -and in Order to change the XPM RES , you have to go TOOLS, SETTINGS and disable integration --

I was fooling around with the res in w7 and raised it to 1920 and then I just happened to look in XPM and lo and behold , there was TOOLS-- With INTEGRATION disabled , I can play with the RES. to my heart's content

I thought about reinstalling XPM, but I was quite certain that I would have the same problem, and obviously, that would be true as long as I used thatlow RES of W7--

Maybe this could be of some use to someone--

Thank you, Ralph
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I'm running 800x600 on my system and can see it (but I have a 32" TV for a monitor).

Thanks for letting us know - it will undoubtedly help others who come searching for a solution to this problem!
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