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[email protected] virus???

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Hey everyone. For some reason when someone emailed me I got a message that popped up from Norton saying i had [email protected] infected on my puter. I went to the tech database and followed every step to remove it but with no avail. The virus tool I downloaded that is supposed to remove it doesnt even detect it. I was wondering if there is some program that gets sent to people that activates norton and makes it think there is a virus on a computer? I'm kinda dumbfounded on this and I don't want to pay $30 to Norton to discover it was just a prank. One of the main subject lines that is in the emails that I recieve that activate this is: a very cool tool ; or something of that variation. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks ^_^
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums himiko...............:D

Have you read the stats on the virus here.

It tries to disable virusscan evidently.............:mad:
It seems to me like your pc was not infected by klez, but there
was an attempt...Norton probably detected the virus in the email when it came in, isolated the infected email/file and told you you have a possible infection..that also might be the reason why the removal utility did not detect the virus.

please keep us updated...oh yeah, welcome to the forum :winkgrin:
You got the pop up when you recived the email???

Chances are then that you are in luck....your AV (Norton's) detected it, quarentined it and you and the person who sent it to you probley are not is someone who know you and the person you sent it too and has both adress in thier adress book...Open your Nortons and see what is might be suprised...delete it from there-- there is no reason to keep it -- update you AV patterns for the next threat and happy computering
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