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Hello everybody.

I've got a problem with an instalation of W2k Server.

MB Soltek with Promise fasttrack 376 controller.

2x Seagate 120 GB sata disks ST3120026AS.
512 DDR 333 Mhz RAM

W2K with SP3.

About 3/4 hours of doing nothing, the system stops responding, and it gives a message on event of:
" The browser was unable to update the service status bits. The data is the error. "

Same thing happens with other config.

Asus P4PE ( Same fasttrack 376 )
Same Disks

256 Mb DDR 333
128 DDR 266

No error on the other than the above. The computer just stays on. it's off the network.

I've tried several drivers, but none worked.
Did someone experienced these problems before???

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Not open for further replies.