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Volume Control

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ok. I have windows XP. (sadly enough). and...I decided to run disk clean up. And well apparently it was decided the following are no longer worthy of being on my computer:

*Games (the bundle of games like solitaire)
*IE link in status bar and desktop
*WMP link in Start Menu
and most importantly...
*Volume Control in system bar

...and when i go to control panel -> sounds and audio devices...

the checkbox IS clicked for display in system bar. so i uncheck it, then check it, tells's not installed.


freaking DISK CLEANUP uninstalled my volume control. wth.

well i've managed to get the IE links back...i've decided i really don't use the WMP link, but the volume control and games I have not. could someone help me? any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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You could try doing a system restore to a point just prior to doing the
disk clean up. **See link below


Do a sfc /scannow *see the below link

Those would be your best options.

You should also be able to restore this in add/remove programs under control panel. There is a section to add remove Windows componets. Once you have the add/remove window componets open double click Accesories and Utilities and the games will be located there. I am unsure about the volume control though.
ok that link didn't work for worked as in displayed, but I couldn't get it to work.

i DID get the sndvol32.exe file, and so I can open the audio volume control, but I still cannot get the icon in the task bar, and it still says it's not installed.

is there something online (preferably from Windows) i can download to fix this?

i'm going to try the first suggestion (restore the system, etc) thing now.
Andy128 said:
You could try doing a system restore to a point just prior to doing the
disk clean up. **See link below
ok I don't exactly want to restore my system because there are other files I still want there, would they be deleted?

i'm looking into the SFC thing right now.
ok nevermind, i got the icon back by copying the file to the c:\windows\system32 folder instead of c:\i386 .

so does anyone know where I can download the windows games?
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