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I have 2 issues probably related to the same problem:

Whenever i'm in voice chat with my friend (on discord or others platform), at some point, i will start to hear them a bit less for a second, then they will sound like they are on my speakers, but the sound will still go trough my headset. It seem to be provoked when i watch a video where somebody is speaking, and i'm in voice chat with my friend. But i'm not 100% sure it's caused by that.

I first though the issue was due to windows, so i tried on ubuntu. It did the same. Then i though it was due to my headset. I bought another one and it continue, with another issue now

2nd issue: When i watch a video or listen to music where there is somebody's voice, the sound is transmitted trough my mic to my friend.
I did an experiment with this setup: Video1 is an interview with 2 people talking. Video2 is a music without voices.

When i was reading video1 my friend heard it. Then i paused video 1 and played video2, my friend didn't heard. Then i played video1 and video2 at the same time, and my friends heard the 2 simultanously but with cuts. When i maxed video2's volume, my friend stopped hearing anything.

I just did a windows reset and the issue is still there, do i need to do a factory reset to get it to work properly ?

UPDATE: After the windows reset, my friend now hear the videos with voices, and video without voices.
I made a video, in this video i don't talk, and i show that the sound is detected as mic input, but it's audio output. You can hear when with the first music i pause, you can hear a very light echo, due to the lag.

I think the issue is related to the sound card, do you have any ideas ?
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