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Hi all, I've been asked by someone about VNC, and didn't know much about it. I'm reading up on it on the web, but if anyone can tell me more about it, or can recommend any resources to check out, please let me know.
P.S. specifically, the question was about using VNC to set up as a file-server that could be remotely accessed. (nothing illegal... academic stuff :eek:)
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It's basically the same as Microsoft's Remote Desktop program. Windows XP comes with a Remote Desktop client, and if you were to connect to another computer miles away, you would be able to see that computer's desktop on your computer screen and make changes to it with your mouse. The person sitting at the workstation of the remote computer can actually see every mouse action or command you make.

Now if all you want to do is create a file server, then an FTP server would be the better choice.
Thanks Res, that's the basic feel I was getting from the stuff I was reading. If it comes down to setting up an ftp server, I'll probably be asking how to do that next :grin:
I use VNC (Real VNC) a great deal. I have set it up on my fathers computer, both sisters and numerous friends computers. In my opinion, it is easier to use than MS remote desktop and is more responsive. I use it primarily to give help (instruction/problem solving/minor software repair/download and install programs) where these things are a little beyond the users ability.
It works fantastic and has been a life saver in that I have not had to travel all over town to give some one 10 minutes worth of help.

With Ultra VNC (also free) you have the ability to send files. I have not used this feature.

To be able to upload and download files- a FTP server would be best.

Need more help- give me a PM.

I'm a fan of UltraVNC, it has remote control, chat for help sessions, and file transfers.
Im having troublem configuring vnc between my 2 pc's at home(connected behind NTL router) and my pc's at work, again sitting behind a router (D-Link)

Does anyone know how to configure this?

I need the proper IP adresses and i am reallly not sure how to get them??
You need to forward port 5900 for TCP, and port 5800 if you want to use the JAVA client. You need the port forwards on the controlled machine router, the client needs no ports opened.
Many thanks JW, but i may have a problem.

I am using my PC at work and it is connected to a wired D-link router which i havew managed to forward the ports on via

Trouble is that the pc's in home are connected to a ntlworld broadband modem and via a SMC 4 port wired router that i have no idea how to tweak as there are no markings or model number on the little router box.

How can i configure the ports on my set up as I the pc that i want to run real vnc on is connected via the main one upstairs
If you're talking about on your local LAN, you don't need to tinker with the port settings on the router. You also don't have to forward ports if you want to control the work PC from your home machine.
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