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Vista wont see my hdd on raid controller card...

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I just finished my build on 32bit vista. I have a Raid 0 Striped setup that works great. I installed a Silicon Image Ultra ATA/133 IDE Raid Controller card in my pc so I can use my old Maxtor Diamond 10 80GB hdd.

Basically what is happening is I cant find my Maxtor 80GB drive anywhere on the system... I am using the hdd on the controller card as IDE, but upon bootup it lists it as "Set 1" under Raid...?

Ive tried everything,, uninstall drivers, install drivers, move card to new pci slot, bios flash from Silicon Image... I cant seem to find a solution anywhere!?

Any suggestions?
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Hi, welcome to TSF. :wave:

What make/model is the card?
If it only supports RAID you can't connect just 1 HDD (of course).

Thanks for the welcome :smile:

It is a Silicon Image SIL680 Ultra ATA/133 IDE Raid Controller Card.
Support both Raid and non-Raid.

I just wonder if this has anything to do with me running Raid 0 off the mobo with my main HDD's...?
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