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Am having a few issues with vista. Its Vista Home Premium SP2.

Printing from the internet breaks the installed printer, currently a Samsung CLP-310 and it wont print at all. Reinstalling it fixes the issue until you go to print again from the internet. The problem is keep getting a message saying no printer installed. Tried downloading new drivers and even another printer with the same issue.

Had IE 8, rolled it back to IE7 same problem.

Windows Update has now stopped working as well. The first error was 8240007. I restarted the BITS service and the error is always 8240005 now.

Overall its running very slow.

Got microsoft security essentials full scan found nothing. I've taken the HD out and run it in another machine in safe mode with Spybot S+D which found nothing.

No new hardware installed ever, its the same machine that was supplied from factory 3 or so years ago.

Kindof at a loss with Vista.

Any help appreciated.
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