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Vista Wireless Problems

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Hi I have just bought a DELL inspiron 1525 Laptop with wireless.
I have a Netgear wireless router with a network. It is listed in the 'Networks avaible' I click on it a type in the correct password and after a while it says this is taking longer than usual. Then it says connected to the router but does not have access to the internet
Can Anyone Help?

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oh yes this has happen to me once..

on your internet browser click file and make sure work offline is not checked marked.

edited: i just bought an ispiron 530 i ask dell if they would install windows xp on it instead of vista and the rep said ok but than i changed my mind and went for vista, i am gonna so much regrets.:)
I had the same exact issue. You may want to try the following.

Start, Programs, Accessories,***right click on Command Prompt, Select Run as an administrator.

At the command prompt, type ipconfig /flushdns

After it completes, type in ipconfig /registerdns

type exit and reboot the machine, it should have worked
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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