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Hey I'm planning on Installing windows 7.

I have a 320HDD which is split into half one for Vista [C:] and the other for Backup Acer Technology [D:]

This PC Aspire M3201 is originally VISTA.

My question: Is it Okay to restart the PC, put the disk and and let Win7 Over-right the Vista, as I heard It'll automatically make a folder with all my old files from Vista which i can then later on move/delete.

I was planning to install XP as I already have the CD but since my PC didn't come with NO CD's at all.

I heard that Win7 is the only way as It won't give me no sound problems or any driver problems as I don't have the motherboard CD unless XP as it doesn't have drivers ready already.

Is this true?

Thank you! :D:grin:
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EDIT: I have a 120GB HDD so should i test it on that?

Basically would i put the disk it and ask it to install on the 120GB HDD not the 320GB, and then on reboot, i have to change which HDD it boots on and then bam if i get sound, and everything works i just can do on my main HDD :D?
first of all, unless the computer manufacturer has specific os drivers for your system it is best not to upgrade or downgrade. nobody can ever promise there would be no problems install the os nor installing working drivers.

normally all you have to do is to insert the disk, it should ask what drive you want to install on. if you have a legal upgrade disk, it will ask if you want to upgrade or clean install then then it will do it. It should create a folder called windows.old where your old os and files will go. You cannot reinstall from it but you can recover files and in some cases drivers. You still need to backup any files you cannot afford to lose before you start the install.

after the install, you need to update your windows and go to the computer manufacturers website and get their drivers for your specific system.
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though sobit mentioned it, it is best to back up important "stuff" on your own.
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