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Vista will not boot.

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So this was what I was doing. I created a partition in my window vista to install xp. So I restarted my laptop and put in the window xp disk. It went through to the part where I pick the partition, but the new one was not there so I quit the setup. When I try to start up my computer it would just show the logo, then a black screen after with the blinking underscore just like when it would boot disk. It would just stay there. When I try to reformat it to Window XP, it does not work either. My laptop is HP Pavilion.
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Yes, I try putting my Vista cd in, but my laptop would not boot it for some reason.
have you checked boot order if you can boot from CD drive? CD drive should come first before HDD in boot sequence
Yes, I have checked the boot sequence. The cd drive is right before the HDD.
if it does not boot, do you get any errors instead? what happens when you say it does not boot from CD drive?
Well it would just be in that black screen with the blinking underscore and nothing would happen. Is there anyway to like just restore it back the way when it was new? I don't really care if its xp or vista at this point.
I remember there was when I look in the my computer folder, but I try reformatting my laptop with an XP disk. I'm guessing I might have deleted that partition.
Yes, I did. F10 brings me to setup and F11 does not seem to do anything.
"3. To perform a destructive recovery, click "Advanced" and then "Yes"." If you are referring to that step, I cannot enter recovery mode so how would I find the advance option?
sorry about that. i thought it was setup of the recovery. my bad.

do you have any other bootable CD to use? XP installer or a linux live CD perhaps? i ask because if you cannot boot from CD drive, then you might have a defective CD media or a defective drive.
I'm guessing its probably the cd, because I tested out the XP disk on my desktop and it works fine and try to boot it on laptop and it works. When I try the vista cd on my desktop it works, but does not boot on laptop. I'm guessing maybe I do not have a certain file on the disk? If its possible maybe you can show me the files that are suppose to be in a vista cd.
Vista (AFAIK) is in DVD unless you bought the CD version (CD version will have many CDs). XP on the other hand is CD and not DVD.

my guess is, your laptop has CD drive but not a DVD drive while your PC has a CD/DVD drive.

on the other hand if your laptop has a CD/DVD drive, it could be that it is already defective and cannot read DVD media.
Well, I burned the vista files into a cd and my laptop is both cd and dvd drive.
then may be that is causing it. use the XP install CD instead.

if you want to know if your CD/DVD drive in the laptop is malfunctioning, test it on another computer via an enclosure or test it on another laptop.
The XP cd would format the partition but then when it reboots, the laptop brings me back to the formatting partition again.
The XP cd would format the partition but then when it reboots, the laptop brings me back to the formatting partition again.
hmmm that is strange. please upload/attach the screenshot of this. any other messages?
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