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Vista Home Premium 32 won't boot

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My Vista installation didn't startup one day after I installed Quicktax, it would just show the mobo splash screen, the POST info and then would just go black and freeze. It had been slowing down for a week or so then quit after I installed Quicktax. When I tried Safe Mode, it would load half of the files and freeze (on the screen showing the initial files loading). So I put in my full Vista installation disk and repaired a bunch of times to the point where the PC would show the Vista loading screen (the green moving bar), then black, then black with a movable mouse cursor and it would stop there (frozen but the mouse cursor still moved). And Safe Mode would load the files then freeze on a black screen. I loaded my Vista disk and ran the Command Prompt, got to my c:\ and typed in:

bootrec /RebuildBcd

The PC asks if I should add "D:\Old Data\Windows" to the list and I say yes

bootrec /FixMbr
bootrec /FixBoot

and tried repairing again with the Vista disk. Now the PC is saying BOOTMGR is missing and I try typing in the same commands again and the same BOOTMGR is missing. My Vista installation is on C:\Windows so I don't know what this D:\Old Data\Windows is. When I load the Vista disk it now shows that Vista is on (D:). Is it actually on D:\ now? Or does that matter?

I really don't want to format cause I have a ton of programs and I haven't exported any of the settings. If I could do that just from plugging in my hard drive to a USB port on my other PC then I would just reformat it, but I'll just loose a lot of programs that I need the settings for.
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Your OS has to be on C:
You can slave the drive into another PC and attempt to retrieve any info you want saved.
How do I change from D: to C:. I know Vista creates a D: partition to store a recovery image. When I installed Win 7 on another PC it created a C: and D: and it put Win 7 on D: and it worked fine.
OK, I tried all the "bootrec" options and still BOOTMGR is Missing. So I did a system repair from the Vista disk and now Vista loads (green bar) then black, then black with a movable mouse cursor. I've read about this but all the posts are old and no one seems to have gotten past it.
Vista does not create a D: recovery partition on it's own. OEM PC's commonly come with a Recovery partition. Do you have a OEM PC?
The OS needs to be on C: to operate properly. My best advice is to slave the drive and get what you want to save and then do a fresh install.
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