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hey guys, im not sure if this is actually a problem with vista or my pc, so if im wrong feel free to move this thread....

so im having lately problems with my pc\vista, i donu.
i leave my pc alone for a few minutes and when i get back its Frozen, i see whatever was on the screen the moment it gut stuck and i cant move the mouse, and the LED at the Front of the PC, the one thats on when the computer is "thinking" is Switched ON and stays that way.
this started happening a few weeks ago, i dont think i installed anything new that might have caused this.
and one other thing, im almost sure its related, i tried installing the beta version of windows 7 and in middle of installation it gets stuck the same way i described before, i tried different versions of the Windows 7 and a few times each and it gets stuck every time and each time in different progress of the installation...
please help me.
thanks. :pray:

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I'd suggest starting with running a memory test ( ); then following that with a bootable hard drive diagnostic:

Here's a description from my blog:
What you'll need:
- a blank CD
- a computer with an internet connection where you can download a file, install a small program, and burn a CD (doesn't have to be the computer that you'll be testing).

1.  Determine the make and model of your hard drive

    - In Windows XP - Go to Start...Run...and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter.  Click on the + sign next to Disk Drives and use Google to search the information listed there)

    - In Windows VISTA - Go to Start...and type in "devmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter.  Click on the + sign next to Disk Drives and use Google to search the information listed there

    - From outside of Windows: Unplug the system from the wall, remove the battery (if it's a laptop) and crack the case open.  Look inside to locate the hard drive and write down the make and model number (although the model number isn't required for the test, it will help you to identify what sort of drive to replace if the test says that the drive is bad).

If you're unable to see the hard drive info, follow the steps below for the Hitachi DFT.  At the screen where it asks you if the list is correct, the model number of your drive will be there.  Use Google to search for the model and that will let you know the manufacturer.

NOTE:  It's strongly recommended that you use the test from the manufacturer of your hard drive.  Most manufacturers build in tests that are only for their drives (in addition to the standard S.M.A.R.T. tests) - so using their test will give more accurate results.

2.  Locate the support website of the hard drive manufacturer from the following list and download the appropriate file to your computer.  FWIW - the first link for each drive usually contains more information/instructions about running the test.

Hitachi -  Download this image for CD's:

Western Digital -  Download the Diag504fCD.iso file on this page:

Seagate -  Download the Seatools for DOS ISO CD-ROM Image from this link: (English version here: )

Maxtor - Seagate SeaTools has replaced the Maxtor diagnostics.  Use the Seagate SeaTools links above.

Toshiba - I'm unable to locate any tools for Toshiba.  I'd suggest the Hitachi DFT (Drive Fitness Test) from above.

Fujitsu -  Download the DOS Diagnostic Tool Ver. 7.0 (For IDE/ATA/SATA Hard Drives from this link:  You'll have to copy the file to a DOS boot CD and manually execute the FJDT.exe file once you've booted to DOS.  If this is too difficult, use the Hitachi DFT (Drive Fitness Test) from above.

Samsung -  Download the Hutil 210 ISO (for CD-ROM drive).zip from here:  You must unzip the file before you can burn (NOT copy) the ISO image to a CD.

IBM - IBM has merged with Hitachi.  Use the Hitachi DFT (Drive Fitness Test) listed above.

3.  If you do not have a disk burning program that's capable of burning ISO images to your CD drive, I suggest this free tool:  Select the appropriate version by following the instructions, Install the program, then reboot your system.
FYI - an ISO burner will place files in a certain order on the disk, this is what makes the disk bootable.  You CANNOT  just copy the file to a CD - it won't work!

4.  Insert the blank CD into the CD drive and dismiss any dialogs that may pop up.  Then right click on the ISO file that you downloaded and select "Copy Image to CD" (it should be the top choice on the context (right click) menu.  Follow the prompts to record the image.  Remember that the slower the speed you select, the less likely it is that there will be errors in the burn process.  Most disk images are small, so the process shouldn't take very long even at the slowest speed.

5.  Boot from the CD to run the test.  Here's a partial list of ways to access the built in boot menus of different systems.  Press the appropriate key when the first screen shows up after you turn the computer on.
HP/Compaq - Esc
Dell - F12
Gateway/eMachines - F10
Acer - F12 (not always)
Toshiba - F12 (older systems will be different)
Sony - usually will boot to CD, may ask you to "Press any key to boot from CD"
When in doubt, either access the BIOS (Setup) and make the CD drive the first boot device (before the hard drive), or post in the forums for assistance.

6.  Follow the prompts on the screen to run the test.  In particular run the Long/Extended/Complete/Comprehensive/etc test - as the shorter tests are not completely reliable.  My greatest experience is with the Hitachi DFT - and you can just press Enter until you get to the screen where it asks you to confirm the devices listed - press Y (for Yes) there.
NOTE:  If you have more than one drive installed, run the test on each drive.

If you encounter any problems running the test - just post them to the forums and someone will be glad to help you out.

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hey, i tried the memory test, for some reason i cant, it says that windows cannot perform memory test because something ins wrong, i will try to do that again and tell you the exact message, i dont have much time now, so i will try the hard drive diagnostic later today.

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You have attempted to install Windows 7 a number of times? Was this done on top of Vista?

If no-go w/ Vista memory test, run memtest86+

Create bootable ISO CD using product like ImgBurn -

I would give thought to a Vista re-install and make sure system is stabilized before attempting Windows 7 install again. Use your Vista recovery DVD or invoke recovery partition.

Regards. . .


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