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Vista does not recognize DVD drive

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I've just done a clean install of Vista SP2, and soon realised that my DVD drive isn't showing up in Computer.

The computer is an Acer Aspire 5560 notebook. I'm sure the DVD drive is properly connected and functional: BIOS recognises it and I can even boot from Vista DVD.

Looking on the net, I've found a solution that involves editing the Registry, removing a UpperFilters and a LowerFilters entries. This did not work for me.

Of note is that, in Device Manager, there is a yellow-trangle-marked device named "Mass Storage Controller". It is connected through PCI bus 10, device 6, function 2. The device status says "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)"

I'm guessing that this is the DVD drive in question. I've tried manually installing the driver, but I can't find a DVD driver in the manual selected driver list.

If there's anyone on an Aspire 5560, would you please confirm that the DVD drive is connected through PCI bus 10? And of course, can anyone help me fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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Strangest thing happened!

After trying and failing to fix the problem for 2 days, the DVD drive magically showed up right after I started this thread!

Tech Support Forum is AMAZING!!!
....Well I'm glad we could help! :grin:

Without anything to go by, really, I think that it may have been a chipset driver that was installed automatically via Windows Update. Regardless, congratulations on your success and come back if ever you need assistance.
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