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Vista 64-bit Problem.

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Hi, I have a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I recently got my Harddrive repaired and now my computer is not right. Everytime I would turn my laptop on, it will load up and go to a screen saying "Configuration Update Stage 3 of 3, Please do not turn power off"

Once there, it will restart the computer automatically and repeat it over and over, I'm guessing the Update crashed my computer? My memory and hard-drive are completely fine. I do not have a backup Disc (Recovery). I tried all the commands I could, even reset it to Factory Settings. Just nothing, keeps going back. If I can't find any solution, I'm not willing to pay $100 for a diagnose but I will if I have to. Anyone ever heard of this problem before?

It all happened when I was about to turn my laptop off and an update popped up, so i clicked it to start and left it. I come back about 4 hours later, and it's stuck on Stage 3 of 3, so I left it for another 2 hours. Yet same thing, so I have no idea what to do now. Please someone help me.

Also I burned a Recovery disc, and it's not working either...
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I assume that you cannot get it to go into Safe Mode? You are right in saying that the update is to blame, although for what reason I can only guess. A friend of mine worked with something like this a while ago, I will talk to him and see if he knows something I don't. See if you can get into Safe Mode first, if that works we might have a shot at a relatively easy repair.
Also, what was wrong with your hard drive? Did it crash, or was there something else? What was done to fix it?
My previous hard-drive overheated, I've tried all safe-modes.
Oh I must have tried command "rstrui.exe" with a disc in it, I removed the disc and now I can try to restore. If that does not work, then I have no idea what to do.
Quick Question!

I am Restoring my computer to a certain point which is over 60 days, anyone know how long it takes for it to restore at that point?
Nevermind, I ran it and after about half hour it said System Error.. FML! Trying a different point.

The first one was over 60 days, hoping this one will work, if not I`m out of luck! :(
Re: Quick Question!

It depends on how many updates, programs and drivers you installed. Usually just about 10 minutes.
Re: Quick Question!

Hopefully you've been successful by now. To keep it simple, there is only a limited space (configurable) for Restore Points. This means that with the automatic points set by Vista (daily? updates etc.), oldest points are deleted. For this reason, going back two months could be a problem.
So this is a new drive, then? Your system restore point shouldn't do anything to your personal data, just the system registry and other system settings. If it doesn't work, probably the least painful solution I can think of is to mount the harddrive as a slave in another computer, grab any data you want, then wipe it and put Windows back on. That might be overkill, but it should get the job done. I am still a little confused though, is this hard drive a brand new one or is it the old one that had some work done to it? If its the old one it could just be hard disk failure, and you would have to run a couple other utilities. So far it sounds like a Windows problem, but it pays to cover all the bases.
It's a brand new hard drive, about a year old, had the laptop for almost 4 years. I wish i could put my hard-drive on a different computer, but it would have the same problem I think. I'm pretty sure that this Computer Update crashed my computer which makes it so i can't access anything. A recovery disc would've been useful but never thought such thing!
Re: Quick Question!

Well neither of them even work, if you want to check out my actual problem with my computer. Please click or copy and paste this link:

I'm still having problems with it, did a memory diagnoses and nothings wrong. It's the simple crash which lead me to alot of problems, I tried everything and nothings working.
Your two threads have been merged so help should be easier to supply. One quick recommendation is when receiving Windows Updates, choose to manually install them. Not only will you see a Restore Point created, you'll also go through the Start/Restart process and nothing will get caught in an unfinished mode which causes so many problems.
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