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Vista 32 bit freezing after login

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Ok so I couldn't find anything about this in any other threads so I am starting a new thread. If there is another thread on this exact same problem, I'm sorry but I couldn't find it; if someone would be kind enough to post the link here, I would be grateful.

So I will try to give as much relevant information as I can about my problem to make it easier for anyone helping. Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and tries to help.

I am running Windows Vista 32 bit with Service Pack 1.
Last night when I was using my computer, it just suddenly froze and while I could move my mouse I couldn't click anything. I just figured that it froze and that it would be ok today. But now every time I log in to the only account on my PC, it will freeze up and I can move my mouse but I can't click anything. Even when I press ctrl+alt+del nothing happens.
I can start it up in Safe Mode and it works fine (So this leads me to believe it is not a hardware problem and it could also be an aero problem since I can't change the colour scheme to aero while in Safe Mode).
I have already uninstalled/deleted some of the unnecessary startup programs that run on startup (Windows Live Messenger, LogMeIn, etc) through Safe Mode but the problem persists.
Last time I logged in normally I noticed something that looked like command prompt flash on my screen for about half a second. So I didn't have time to see it. Then immediately after that the screen froze again. I rebooted the computer again and logged in normally, to which I noticed it flashed on my screen again. I can't tell what it is and if it has any relevance to this problem.
I now have that computer being fully scanned by McAfee while in Safe Mode (since I can't access it any other way that I now of) to see if it is a virus, but it won't be finished for a long time and I'm not sure if the problem is a virus. So I was wondering if anyone had any information that could help?

Thank you.
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what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and tempretures and post them
to turn off the auto reboot
control panel /sysytem/advanced/startup and recovery settings
then untick the auto reboot box
post any bsod error messages the computer freezes on in full

check the event viewer in admin tools and see if it lists anything at the time of the freeze
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