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Vista 32 bit freezing after login

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Ok so I couldn't find anything about this in any other threads so I am starting a new thread. If there is another thread on this exact same problem, I'm sorry but I couldn't find it; if someone would be kind enough to post the link here, I would be grateful.

So I will try to give as much relevant information as I can about my problem to make it easier for anyone helping. Thank you in advance to anyone who reads this and tries to help.

I am running Windows Vista 32 bit with Service Pack 1.
Last night when I was using my computer, it just suddenly froze and while I could move my mouse I couldn't click anything. I just figured that it froze and that it would be ok today. But now every time I log in to the only account on my PC, it will freeze up and I can move my mouse but I can't click anything. Even when I press ctrl+alt+del nothing happens.
I can start it up in Safe Mode and it works fine (So this leads me to believe it is not a hardware problem and it could also be an aero problem since I can't change the colour scheme to aero while in Safe Mode).
I have already uninstalled/deleted some of the unnecessary startup programs that run on startup (Windows Live Messenger, LogMeIn, etc) through Safe Mode but the problem persists.
Last time I logged in normally I noticed something that looked like command prompt flash on my screen for about half a second. So I didn't have time to see it. Then immediately after that the screen froze again. I rebooted the computer again and logged in normally, to which I noticed it flashed on my screen again. I can't tell what it is and if it has any relevance to this problem.
I now have that computer being fully scanned by McAfee while in Safe Mode (since I can't access it any other way that I now of) to see if it is a virus, but it won't be finished for a long time and I'm not sure if the problem is a virus. So I was wondering if anyone had any information that could help?

Thank you.
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Im running:

Galaxy Geforce 9800GT - 512MB
Intel Core2 Duo E8600 - 3.33GHz Clock Speed
Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L Motherboard -
Corsair HX-620 620W Power Supply

Well I rebooted it to get to the bios and now it doesn't start. It sounds like it is for maybe 5 secs (nothing comes up on the monitor) then it cuts out like its shorting out or something. Is it a PSU problem then?

I really don't have any idea of what to do right now :(.

Thanks heaps by the way.
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Ok thank you.
I have checked even viewer but I don't know what I should be looking for.
I just made a discovery. I made a new user account and I can use the computer fine on that account. The computer also works fine in Safe Mode. So it must have something to do with that account.
I am just going to move a few files (audio, image, video files) that I would like to keep over to the new account and delete everything in the old one as this seems like the easiest option for me.

Thanks for the help Dai :). I really appreciate it.
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