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My aunt has a computer running on win95 and she thinks she has a virus that she got from an email on it. She thought she had installed a MacAfee security program but when I went to run a virus scan I was told that certain necessary files were missing or couldn't be found and no scan was done. The computer got slower and slower as I was on it and I couldn't even get a free virus scan online. Now after re-booting her computer several times and trying to re-install her MacAfee program (off a cd) I can't even get her computer to work. When I hit the start button (or practically anything else) all you get is the hourglass icon which never goes away. Help! My poor aunt has nobody else but me to turn to and (as you can see) I don't know much.
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Welcome to the forums brocktoon.....:D

Take a look here it could be of help......:winkgrin:
Whats running in the backround...Control Alt delete and post back...???

Try stopping all unnessary and unkown....dont waste your time getting Mcafee working...even when it works it wont find a virus...go out to Stapel s and pick up Nortons AV 2002....also check the web for Klez

Most prevelant, steals resouces and more and is probley why Mcafee is acting up

Post what running and well see if we can steer you in a better direction

I've been using McAfee for years and haven't had a virus get by it yet (I check it at least once a month with other virus programs). But I also never miss a update.

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Twas....Sorry ...nice monster...hey wait stich is no pushover....but i digress...

I have been doing IT for 5 years and I know enough that I dont know anything...:winkgrin:

I have learned that if a virus is on the system and Mcafee is running you probley should REMOVE BOTH and install NAV 2002 to get it propely cleaned....IMO Nortons and Trends PC-Cillin are the only WORTHWHILE AV suites out there...but like I said before what do I know....

And Ill bet you 100000000000 space rubbles that regular updates is the only thing that save might even be supprise by removing Mcafee and installing NAV it might find some viruses
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Twas....Sorry ...nice monster...

Doonz mon ami,

Thats no monster, that's TWAS The Celexian God Of Good Looks, whom I was named after. how very insensitive of you.

Big bet - 100,000,000,000 space rubles is only $ .85 US.

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Good looks huh!!:rolleyes:

$.85.... I work in IT gotta bet with what I can afford

p.s. oh yeah brock how r u making out!!
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