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From my thread on the Hard drive forum:

Today I was on the comp browsing the internet when I started to get error messages.


One or more IDE/SATA drives has stopped working.

All desktop items disappeared, nothing came up when I hit the start menu except solitare and the calculator i believe. Ctrl/alt/delete did not allow me to pull up task manager.

A program called windows 7 recovery came up, this is why I think it is spyware.

Windows 7 recovery listed the following errors:


Read time of HD Clusters-FAIL
38% of HD is unreadable
Problem detecting OS files
Bad sectors
Drive C initialize error
File Placement errors
RAM defrag errors
RAM temp 83C
Boot sector damaged
HD doesnt respond

Also when I go to computer>Local disk c:> it says no files found.

How does it boot up at all if the HD is messed up so bad.
How do i go about fixing this? When windows come up on both regular and safe mode, no icons appear on the desktop, and only 2 on the start menu. C:/ shows no files, which is impossible. The OS loads fine. Can I remove the HD and take it to another system to get the files i need off of it then to a clean Win7 install or will that risk spreading to this other system?
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