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This should explain what SYSTEM32.EXE is, and you don't want it! :D

This is aworm virus spreading via the Kazaa file sharing network.
The worm has a powerful backdoor routine which connects to an IRC channel and listens to commands from its "master".

The worm itself is a Windows PE EXE file about 100Kb of length written in Microsoft Visual C++, the worm is compressed by UPX file compression utility and then encrypted with "Krypton" Win EXE files encryptor.

When infected file starts, the installation routine gets control.

While installing the worm copies itself to Windows system directory with different names (see below) and registers that file in two system registry auto-run keys.
The worm copy names are:

"Tanked.11": "system32.exe"
"Tanked.13": "winsys.exe"
"Tanked.14": "cmd32.exe"

The registry keys are:

SystemSAS = system32.exe

SystemSAS = system32.exe

WinSys = winsys.exe

WinSys = winsys.exe

CMD = cmd32.exe

CMD = cmd32.exe

The worm copies itself to Kazaa directory with following names:
'AquaNox2 Crack.exe'
'FIFA2003 crack.exe'
'C&C Generals_crack.exe'
'UT2003_no cd (crack).exe'
'Age of Empires 2 crack.exe'
'Anno 1503_crack.exe'
'C&C Renegade_crack.exe'
'Diablo 2 Crack.exe'
'Gothic 2 licence.exe'
'GTA 3 Crack.exe'
'GTA 3 patch (no cd).exe'
'NHL 2003 crack.exe'
'Winamp 3.8.exe'
'MediaPlayer Update.exe'
'ACDSee 5.5.exe'
'DivX Video Bundle 6.5.exe'
'Global DiVX Player 3.0.exe'
'KaZaA Lite (New).exe'
'iMesh 3.7b (beta).exe'
'iMesh 3.6.exe'
'KaZaA Hack 2.5.0.exe'
'DirectDVD 5.0.exe'
'Flash MX crack (trial).exe'
'Ad-aware 6.5.exe'
'WinZip 9.0b.exe'
'SmartFTP 2.0.0.exe'
'ICQ Lite (new).exe'
'ICQ Pro 2003b (new beta).exe'
'ICQ Pro 2003a.exe'
'AOL Instant Messenger.exe'
'Download Accelerator Plus 6.1.exe'
'Trillian 0.85 (free).exe'
'MSN Messenger 5.2.exe'
'Network Cable e ADSL Speed 2.0.5.exe'
'mIRC 6.40.exe'
'GetRight 5.0a.exe'
'Pop-Up Stopper 3.5.exe'
'Yahoo Messenger 6.0.exe'
'KaZaA Speedup 3.6.exe'
'Nero Burning ROM crack.exe'
'WindowBlinds 4.0.exe'
'Animated Screen 7.0b.exe'
'Living Waterfalls 1.3.exe'
'Matrix Screensaver 1.5.exe'
'Popup Defender 6.5.exe'
'Space Invaders 1978.exe'
'SmartRipper v2.7.exe'
'TweakAll 3.8.exe'
'DVD Copy Plus v5.0.exe'
'Serials 2003 v.8.0 Full.exe'
'Zelda Classic 2.00.exe'
'Need 4 Speed crack.exe'
'Links 2003 Golf game (crack).exe'
'Netfast 1.8.exe'
'Guitar Chords Library 5.5.exe'
'DVD Region-Free 2.3.exe'
'Cool Edit Pro v2.55.exe'
'Coffee Cup Free HTML 7.0b.exe'
'Clone CD'
'Clone CD (crack).exe'
'Nimo CodecPack (new) 8.0.exe'
'Business Card Designer Plus 7.9.exe'
'Hot Babes XXX Screen Saver.exe'
'FreeRAM XP Pro 1.9.exe'
'IrfanView 4.5.exe'
'Audiograbber 2.05.exe'
'WinOnCD 4 PE_crack.exe'
'Final Fantasy VII XP Patch 1.5.exe'
'BabeFest 2003 ScreenSaver 1.5.exe'
'PalTalk 5.01b.exe'
'DirectX Buster (all versions).exe'
'DirectX InfoTool.exe'
'FlashGet 1.5.exe'
'Babylon 3.50b reg_crack.exe'
'mp3Trim PRO 2.5.exe'

The worm has "copyright" text strings:

t69 [sd]v0.5b TankEd.11
[sd]v0.5b TankEd.11 by [sd]

t69 [sd]v0.5b TankEd.13
[sd]v0.5b TankEd.13 by [sd]

t69 [sd]v0.5b TankEd.14
[sd]v0.5b TankEd.14 by [sd]

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This is a left-over entry in the registry. If you have something like Norton Utilities, the WinDoctor will find and kill this entry, since you have removed the virus file. If you don't have Norton, I'd suggest you obtain a configuration utility and modify the startup to eliminate the line in question. X-Setup is one that I use and have had excellent luck with.
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