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Hi everyone,

Ok so yesterday I tried to use IE, and i got re-directed to some "anti spyware" website, and got a load of popups - seems like ive picked up some nastys then.

I also noticed that certain websites just wouldnt load, or only partially load. For example google front page opens, but it wont return results. Myspace wouldnt load at all, neither would facebook or my favorite guitar website. Youtube, ebay and Wikipedia do load fine - this is some bizarre happenings :eek:

I noticed there was loads of DLL's running in memory that just shouldnt have been there.

And so I downloaded Kasperky trial, it found Virtumonde and some other nastys which I cant remember. It didnt do a good job of removeing it, as the offending malware was running in memory.

I tried useing Spybot afterwards, which did actually remove it! The thing is, although both the anti virus and anti spyware programmes report no issues anymore, I still cant access alot of websites.

Its really strange how both firefox and IE are haveing the same problem. Other pcs on my network are fine, and its just isolated to my pc.

Any help MUCH appreciated!

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