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Virtual Memory

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How we can increase our virtual memory in windows xp.
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start>Right click on my Computer>properties>Click on the "Advanced"tab>Under "Performance" click on "settings">click on the "advanced" tab> look for "Virtual Memory" at the bottom and click on the "Change" button> Change both "Initial Size" and "maximum size" to a number that is improves your PC but still leaves you room on your hard drive.

All numbers you put in need to be in their full form. For instance: if you want 2 gigabytes of virtual memory then put 2000

Alternate Tip:

Follow the instruction of Garryson01 to navigate to the Virtual Memory page.

Take a look at the recommended size (or set your own preferred size) suggested by windows and use it as the Initial Size and Maximum Size fields in the Custom size checkbox.

Setting the Initial and Maximum to the same value will lock the swap file to a fixed value so that it will not be fragmented.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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