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Virtual Memory and Page File

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Ok firstly what to these mean?

and secondly, do they really matter for gaming?

because im using a program called RAMpage that states i have

Total Page: 3432
Free Page: 3218

Total Virtual: 2048
Free Virtual: 2024

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Hi there.
Virtual memory and page filling, is where the system using the hard drive for extra memory, when you get to an amount of RAM used.

This can effect gaming quite a bit, dependent on the amount of RAM you have, this is due to the hard drive being the slowest part of a system.

The amount you should set this to, depends on the amount of RAM you have. If you have enough RAM, say, 2GB, then you may be able to switch this off completely. How much RAM do you have?
from what I see the above information indicates he has 2GB of ram, and his pagefile is set up at the advised 1½ times the amount of ram...

not being a gamer I have no idea as to if this is appropriate for such usage, but as noted it is configured as is 'advised'...
i have 1.5gb of DDR ram, i think its Kingston or crucial... but i cant remember

Edit*** added "Or crucial"
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