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view real IP address

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Hello everyone!

I remember seeing somewhere here, a couple years ago, a way how to see what the real IP address is. I can't find the post now. Meaning when it says in the address bar or whatever, you may really be elsewhere. You can type a line of code into the address bar and it will display the real website you're at, in case you are in some fake phishing site. Can someone please advise how to do this?

Thanks! Good week to all! :wave:
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No :rolleyes: but thanks. Maybe I mean web page name or something. I think it works like this. You can type in some line of code, like showrealurl//!%%#243.ip.hh into the address bar while you are reading a webpage, and a window meassage pops on the screen, "you are currently at <>"
Any ideas?
Open the website you want to check, then replace the address in the URL bar with the following and press Enter.

javascript:alert("The true URL is:\t\t" + location.protocol + "//" + location.hostname + "/" + "\nIf this does not match the URL shown in your browser address bar, you are likely to be seeing a web page from a different web site! We recommend that you close you browser and empty your browser cache now.");

A popup will appear giving you the true address, which you can compare against the one you're using. If they are different, then it's possible you are at a spoofed URL or forged website.
I actually still type that at times when I feel too lazy to click on another link :roll:

You can chek the top lines of the message source too i.e.

<base href="" />
Thanks so muchKoala and Kalim, exactly what I meant! Be well!!

Spoof Stick is a good IE add in, also works in Firefox to show the actuall web site you are on. I normally leave it running, it just confirms that I am on the web site I expected to be on.

When I have had phishing e0mails etc.

The add in is a very good way to prove they are phishing attempts.


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Thought I may as well try it.

Spoof Stick runs with IE 7 and Vista RC1

The IE add in currently reports I am on

I couldnt get the Firefox version, says there are no updates for the newer versions of Firefox.

Take care,
It won't run with Firefox as the version is only compatible until 1.6a

It works in IE 6 and 7.

I've edited it myself just now and its working with Firefox though
Thanks Kalim,
I'll check it out.

Take care,
douchrti, I hope you didn't take it that I edited the version that everyone downloads - as in the developer edit :sayno: I'm not the developer of the extension but I just bumped it up by editing the files which is v.easy once you know and most extensions will work like that. :grin:

Here's what I get after my installing it, just like ceri does in IE (obviously my theme is different so it'll look different because mine is the system default theme and I always resize my pics before posting to 1024x768 as they're better suited to most people and easier viewing :sayyes:)


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Thanks Kalim
Nope, never entered my mind, what lil I have
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