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Videocard upgrade

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I am planning to upgrade my video card to play todays games with deacent frame rate and need some advice on that.
What is the fastest AGP card I can plug in to my motherboard? Is it Radeon 9800 or some newer model?

The specs are as follows:

Motherboard - Asus A7N8X2,0 Deluxe
CPU - AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+
Video card - Radeon 9600 PRO 128 MB
Memory - 2 x 512MB
Windows XP Home
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Hmm, you'd likely do best with a 6600GT actually. Much more umph than an 9800 and more future-proof.
Does this motherboard support Radeon X600, X700 or X800 too?
any agp card, the x800se i belive is agp, be sure that its agp before you buy it, sort by agp on newegg to see what your options are.
i have the same motherboard paired up with a 6800GT. kinda pricey but i got a huge discount when i was working for compusa.

i have the PNY 6800GT and its working on my computer flawlessly.
Thanks for your help :sayyes:
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