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My specs:

Windows XP SP3
2.9 ghz Duo-Core2
2gb RAM
1gb ATI Radeon 4870
Latest ATI drivers
575Watt PSU (a cheapo $30 one)


I am heavily underperforming while playing games such as Dead Space or even HL2. In HL2, I can run max settings and only get 30 FPS at best. In Dead Space, I get 20 FPS. And yes, V-Sync is turned off in both games.

The strange thing is, I get the exact same FPS regardless of what settings I use (whether it be max settings or lowest settings). And I know it isn't my CPU or RAM, because when I had my old videocard (GeForce 8600GTS), I had BETTER performance than the 4870.

The videocard runs 70c on idle and 80c under load (a little less with fans at 100%), and I'm not sure why its so hot, I have the case open and adequate fanning.

Though, I suspect my problem is my PSU. Ever since I installed the 4870, occasionally when I turn on my computer, the display won't turn on and it'll give me continuous short beeps until I turn it off. But sometimes, it'll boot up like normal and run perfectly fine. I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but I'm thinking somehow my PSU isn't delivering enough power to my whole computer on some boots.

So what do you guys think? New PSU or what?
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