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Video Problem???

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Hi! My father has a problem on his computer that I have benn trying to solve without success. It's a weird problem and I can't seem to be able to find out what is causing it. On the background photo on his desktop there are little green pixels that keep appearing. The weird thing about it is that this is the only place it happens. When he is using an application or when he is surfing the web, everything is fine. The only place this happens is on the background photo on his desktop. If anyone can help they would make me happy. Thaks in advance.

My father's computer:
Asus CUL2 motherboard
Viewsonic A90 monitor
3D Prophet DDR-DVI 32MB Video card
Runnig Windows ME

P.S. This problem has already cost him 2 monitors.
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Welcome to the forums Denmer...........:D

What refresh rate is the monitor set for?
I've tried all refresh rates. Didn't work.
What color depth is your display set to? Just an idea but maybe for example the photo background was a 16bit color image and you display settings are set to 24 or 32 bit. Try changing the color depth in your display settings.
I would try another video card first.
Hey guys- might it be a flaw in the bitmap he is using for background? Change the background pic to something else or open the current one up in paint and zoom in on the affected area.
To Bvalkor: That was one of the first things I tried. Didn't work.

To Speedo: I was planing on trying that next. Maybe today if my parents are home. I'll let you know if it works or not.

To Jamman: Tried that too. Also one of the first things I tried.
Thanks a lot Speedo. You were right. It was the video card that was causing it.
Glad to here the problem has been found. Hopefully the video card is still under warranty.
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