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Video Out

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Ok...This is an odd question. Didn't know where to really post it, so here it stands...
It is not a problem, but an I'm not sure thing.

Someone wants me to hook their laptop - video out to go to a TV. Which is fine if you have S-video or even RCA. But all they have is older TV's with Coaxial input.

Anyone have an idea how to do this? (and actually, they have 5 tv'v they want it displayed on, so I assume a coax splitter would go after whatever converter used..)
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Check this out... may help

Didn't read all the way through this, but I believe this is what you may be looking for.

That seems to be exactly what I'm looking for.
Duh me...forgot all about s-video to VCR. yea. brain fart.

Thanks again for the brain stimulation
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