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I am on a Katana GF66 11UE 617 (MSInfo file attached) and this is my first gaming/creator laptop so I am still on a bit of a learning curve with understanding proper configurations for optimal functionality. The laptop is getting close to 1 year young. I am experiencing a bit of frustration with getting video files to playback on the apps I use which are the W11 native media player and VLC. The files usually do not play or they only play the audio and the video is stuck. I contacted Microsoft and the tech remote connected to my laptop and tried numerous things including:

Uninstalling/Reinstalling the apps
Trying to play various files
Resetting the apps and clearing the video cache
He then advised me that I needed to reinstall W11 Pro and provided me with the reinstall in place/update in place installer

None of that has helped at all. This machine should NOT be choking on files because it is an excellent machine

My next question is this, my files are stored on my NAS which is connected to my Optimum router/modem and then I access the files through my WiFi. The NAS is a QNAP TS932 PX which has 2 x 16TB Seagate Iron Wolf drives and I am intentionally not using RAID as I have other backup methods in place. Could the problem be either the NAS being adequate enough to handle video files to be worked with over a network or could the problem be my WiFi is too slow? I have the Optimum Online 400 package but I think that speed only refers to internet not intra-net/household only network. I live in a 1BR garden apartment that is small and no other devices have any issues with general connectivity or streaming just the playback of the video files stored on the network. The other device I use is an iPad Pro that is under 1 year old and it also has a problem with playback.

Is there a command line I can run to get the hardware info from my router/modem (it is a combo unit provided to me by my ISP)?

I am attaching the MSInfo for my laptop. I have run an IPConfig /all and copied them to a Word doc but unless asked for I won't post it. I

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Make, Model #, and Serial # will be on the side or bottom of the Router/Modem. If you want more detailed info about the router, then you need to login to the router. How do I access my optimum router settings? – Sage-Answer You should also have the Router login info and Password on the side of the router. Or on the Optimum web site.

The NAS should be close to the router and plug into the router with an Ethernet cable, not wireless. That will cut down on the Lag. The NAS can be accessed from the computers via WiFi.

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Do any files playback normally?

You can rule out the network/NAS by simply copying a few of the "problem" files to the PC, and then attempt playback.

And hardware, configuration, playback software aside, what are the file types and specs that you are trying to play?
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