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Video Device Driver Error

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My computer keeps having a stop restart error and it tells me it because of the video device. It is becoming very annoying because i dont know when it will happen. What can i do to fix this?
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Welcome to TSF.
Many times a video error is caused by a corrupt driver or video card itself.
Have you tried upgrading the video card driver?
What is the exact make and model of your PC?
What video card are you using (original or an added PCI video card)?
Thanks for your reply.

The computer make is Packard Bell and i think the video card is original. I havent updated the driver because i dont know how, but i have found an application called driverdetective which confirms a few of my computer drivers to be out of date. But they expect 30 dollars to fix them, which i havent got at the moment.

Do you know of anywhere else that i can get an update for the driver because its really annoying when i dont know when the computer will freeze.
Can you give us the exact make and model number of this PC. If you have a serial # it will also help. You can PM me the serial # if you wish.
Many manufactures will have updated drivers on thier web page. If you are unsure, Please run EVEREST under my signature and post the results. This report will help me "see" what you have for hardware and such.
Checked the everest thing but it has USA by the downloads, i am from the UK. Does that matter?
Okay i will pm you it soon.
Hi Jacko00
I got mthe PM thanks.
Here is a link to your drivers, but I do not think the site maintains it regularly. There are some updates though:

As far as the Video driver (Nvidia GeForce 7300SE) Nvidia has an updated version here:

Please list the other drivers that you have issues with.
Let us know how you make out.
The other drivers out of date are

Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

VIA Bus Master IDE Controller

VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller

VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter

Realtek High Definition Audio

(12) VIA I/O APIC Interupt Controller

VIA Standard PCI to PCIE Bridge

(2) VIA Rev 5 or Later USB Universal Host Controller

Logitech USB First/Pilot Mouse+

VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller - PCI bus 0, device 8, function 0
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I am not one for a program to tell me what out of date drivers I may have
I would go here:
Update the drivers you need, most are 2007 drivers. Start with the chipset driver first.
Okay, thanks for your help, the computer is running better now with the new video driver. The only problem i had was starting the computer up today and it went black so i had to turn it off by the mains, i dont know if thats a big problem or not.
I agree with dai,
If you have the original PSU you may need a bigger one.
Please post the specs of the PSU. If you are not sure, open up the case and there should be a tag saying what the specs are.
Did you use the Nvidia driver (link I gave you) or the ones posted for the Motherboard?
I installed the Nvidia driver and when you say open the case do you mean open up the computer? Is there any other way to check because it is difficult to do this where the computer is.
Hi Jacko00,
The only true way is to open up the case.
I did notice that your Video card is running at 68 C (154 F), a little hot (IMO).
Your voltages appear to be OK from the report, but an original PSU is usually on the low side from the manufacture. We need to know the wattages and amps (not on your report

I have attached the report so dai can have a chance to look at it.



I dont know the watts or amps. Is this something serious? Or can i sort it out at a later date?
From what I can see from the report (as far as the PSU), it should not cause you a serious problem (at this time). But like I said before, the manufacturer does not use the best quality PSU. The watts and amps (a sticker with this info is located on the PSU) will let us know if it is within specs of your video card.

My slight concern would be you video card temps. Have you cleaned the tower lately?
Check the vents and fans (again you will have to open up the case) for being plugged with dirt. If the vents and fans are dirty, blow them out with a can of compressed air. If the computer vents cannot circulate the air properly then things can start to overheat.

I am not saying your problems are caused by the PSU or clogged vents & Fans, but these are just basic steps for preventative maintenance and diagnosis.
Okay thanks for your advice, things seem okay today.

If i get a bit of money handy then i will donate something as a thank you for all your help.
Re: [SOLVED] Video Device Driver Error

Some bad news, the computer has been running fine until now the automatic updates installed and i restarted the computer then in the middle of a video it froze. It has not informed me of an error so i dont know if its to do with the video driver or something else.
Hi jacko00,
Is there any errors in the device manager (yellow or red marks).

I do not believe the updates has anything to do with it. Do you know what updates you installed?

A computer locking up or freezing can be caused by many things (PSU, Heat, CPU, Memory etc.etc.). The basics would be to check the PSU specs (watts & amps). Making sure the PC is "breathing" correctly (Blowing out the dirt). Checking the memory (running Memtest86 under my signature) and possibly reapplying thermal past to the CPU. All the above except (Memtest86) require the case to be opened.

A virus or Spyware can also cause issues.
Have you run your Anti-Virus and Spyware program? Do they come up with anything?

I can not omit the video card itself. There still may be an issue with that (not seated fully or memory going bad etc.). Again the case has to be opened, but before we can condem the video card we need to check out the basics first.

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