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I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software problem. Hopefully someone can help.

2 weeks ago I was watching a video in and halfway through the vid the playback started getting sluggish and choppy. I closed down the vid but the puter continued to act slowly. I'd move the mouse and it'd be a few seconds before the cursor would follow the mouse movement. Win 7 reported a problem with Java so I removed and reinstalled Java and rebooted and computer acted fine.

A few days later, watching more vids( first time I've watched vids since previous problem) that were saved on my hardrive, just family related videos through Windows Media Player. Again, vid got sluggish, mouse movement sluggish, a restart fixed the sluggish cursor.

Last night, watching Youtube. (First Time playing a vid since prev problem) Screen goes blank, I get the "no signal" message on my screen as though the puter had stopped sending a signal to the screen. I also get a humming noise through the speakers. I have no choice but to turn off the puter since I cant see the screen anymore.

Restart puter and I go into Safe Mode. After 5 minutes and I'm just at the desktop, screen goes blank again with "no signal" message on screen.

Turn puter off and then back on again. I decide to go back to youtube and just play a random video. Again, after a couple of minutes, screen goes blank and I"m getting a loud humming from the speakers. I turn computer off again and leave it off for the night.

Turn it on this morning and it boots up fine and is currently working properly but I'm not playing any videos and wont till I get the problem fixed. Any idea whats wrong here ?? Bad video card ?? Corrupted Windows Media Player ?? Puter works fine until I play a video.

1 year old Gateway DX4822 8gb Ram 1TB drive
Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Nvdia Geforce 220 1Gb Vid Card

I havent made any changes to the puter, havent loaded any new software or hardware. Not aware of any driver updates that happened around the time this started happening a couple of weeks ago.
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