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Video Card Trouble

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It's a long story of misery and woe, but here it goes. I recently built a desktop PC with parts from Newegg. Got them in and put the box together and everything worked fine except the video card. When I attempt to boot up through the video card, the screen gives no signal. I have tried multiple monitors, both VGA and DVI cords, I also tested the video card in another computer, the 6 pin power connection is hooked up, none seemed to be the problem. The onboard video works fine through VGA connection. So I attempted to play with it using onboard video. I have tried to go into BIOS and set PCI E to the Primary Graphics Adapter and installing the drivers from the given CD (this gives an error of "There is no XFX device detected please..."). So I go into Device Manager and see that the only Display Adapter showing up is the onboard video. So the only other thing that I can think of would be the PCI express slot on the motherboard is faulty. However, I sent the motherboard back to Newegg once because of possible malfunctions with it, turned out to be the CPU instead. So I'm not sure if they sent me back the same motherboard or not, I wouldn't think so. I also made sure that the motherboard was compatible with the video card and they are. So I'm completely and utterly lost. Please help. Thanks.

Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4850 (PCI Express 2.0 support)
Motherboard: MSI 880GM-E41 (1x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots)
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Test the video card in another PC.
Brand & Model of the PSU?
I also tested the video card in another computer, the 6 pin power connection is hooked up, none seemed to be the problem.
I don't know what you mean here. Did it work in the second computer or no?
Yes, it worked fine on the other computer.
@Tyree I'm at work right now. I will have to get the info to you in a bit when I get home.
PSU: PHD Series Diablotek 380 Watt Micro ATX Power Supply
I didn't think it would be the power supply because the fan on the video card is getting power.
If the power supply is supplying dirty power, or not enough power, it can parts to not function properly and can cause damage. The typical response here, especially for PCI-E video cards, is a minimum 550w quality power supply. Your current unit is underpowered and low quality.
Diablotek are very poor quality and we suggest a 550W minimum good quality PSU for any PCI-E GPU.
SeaSonic-XFX-Corsair are top quality.
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