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Video Card Suddenly Not Working

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I recently bought a new radeon x1650pro video card and i've been using it for about 2 days with no problem. I was trying to reinstall windows xp and the setup gave me a whole bunch of errors so i quit the installation half way. When i booted the computer my video card wasn't detected anymore. I took out and reinserted the video card twice so that isn't the problem. I also uninstalled the drivers and tried to install them back but it gave me the message saying that the video card wasn't detected. My monitor is connected through the video card and it shows a screen.
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hmm... are u sure the monitor cable is connected fully? lol I had that problem once.. must have uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers a dozen times before I figured out the prob..

cause the monitor worked fine when there was just the basic motherboard drivers running the card, but when ever I installed the drivers, my screen went into standby mode.. I had a TV attached that worked fine with the drivers installed, so I used it to delete them, n try older drivers to no avail.. ripped out the card to clean the connector.. after installing it on a buddies computer it made the problem pretty apperent
Ya it is connected to the video card properly otherwise i wouldn't be able to see anything on my monitor.
lolz my bad didnt read the question properly..

do you have updated mobo drivers?.. have you ran the windows update?
yes i updated mobo and windows update
hmm im stumped lolz umm windows registry error or other corrupted/missing windows files

run chkdisk, but I doubt that would show anything as its an intrgry tool

registry cleaner..

go to msconfig, and make sure the proper services are checked

check the device manager for any questionable items..

try reinstalling windows?
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i did them all except reinstalling windows. Im going to format soon i just have to get a new XP CD now :(. I think this is a software problem cause i don't think the monitor will work if the the video card wasn't working. Thanks for your help.
I'm not clear on your problem, are saying Bios is not detecting your card or windows is not detecting the card? If you had a failed windows installation I'm surprised thats your only problem.
yea it's definetely windows....reinstall it
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