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I'm new to the forum here.

I am rebuilding an old computer for a friend of mineand am running into some video problems.

It has an ATI Rage Pro 128 card installed in the AGP slot. I downloaded the latest drivers from ATI's web site and installed them. The install went fine, and after the reboot it comes back up with a dialog box saying the the video driver is not working correctly. It has DirectX 9c installed. I can throw another AGP card into theis systyem and that will work correctly. I can put the ATI card in another system and it works correctly. But WinME is being weird about it.

The default Microsoft driver after installing the video card was Magnum/Xpert/Xpert128/ blah blah blah and that driver only showed 16 color mode. Installing ATI's driver gives me the same thing though the board and card are workign fine. I am thinking it is DirectX that is the problem so one thing I am going to try is DXBuster. Then install DX8 then reinstall the ATI driver.

Anyone got any other idea besides blowing the OS away and reinstalling it? I would flash the bios of the video card but there over 127 different versions of ATI Rage Pro out would more than likely just screw up the card.

The mainboard in this computer is an AOpen AX6LC board with the latest BIOS flashed (standard release not beta). It has a P3 400Mhz Slot 1 processor and 256Megs of SDRam runnig on WinME.

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