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Video card overheating

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hey guys im new here.. i havemy computer specsinmy sig only thingive done to the computer was upgrade my videocard to a Geforce 6800GS which is overclocked when bought new... everything has worked fine in the last 9 months.. but lately when i play an intense game like Quake 4 my videocard has been getting really hot and i have it set to shutdowna t 120degrees.. it usedto never get that high.. maybe amax of 90 but for games like CS it was juts at 78 degrees usualy during game play.. im wonderingif maybe because the card requires a 400watt powersupply.(i only have 220W)... that maybe it isnt getting all the power it needs to run its fan faster to cool it down...??? anyhelp please would be appreciatted.. i am looking into that Arctic Silver stuff.. dunnowut it is or how to apply it .. i dont even kno which style motherboard i have for their gels? please help thank you :sigh:
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If the card recommends a 400W power supply I would invest in a one. You should definitely be running higher than 220W for the specs of your system.

When buying a power supply, make sure you get a reputable brand and with power supplies.. a common rule is 'you get what you pay for'
i dontkno whichbrands r good... or what features are better.. like is it better to have 1 120mm fan or 2 80mm fans?? what about these PS's

or this one

this one seems good.. it says PCI-E connectors or is that sumthing i just wont use those i dunno if my comp has that i think my video card atleast is AGP
Hmmm that one that says Ultra...that's a pretty neat PSU. I'd love to have that cord setup on my computer. Unfortunately it's probably one of the negatives of the PSU. If you want a good, relatively inexpensive PSU, go for an Antec 450watt Smart Power2.0

I have that one and it's definitely more than enough to power my system.
i was lookingup that arctic silver stuff but im not sure what motherboard i have and the directions it giveis kinda complicated.. but ya if sum1 knowswut kind motherboard i have so i have the right directions then by all means please inform me... so i should look atan antec?
dai- thank you for the PSU write-up .. helps a lot!! :)
i found this one.. the amperager at 12V is really high which i read was good for newer comps..

this one i found looks good also and they raved abot it.. but the amperage is a lot lower

what do u guys think?
thanks guys... u really think this could be source of my overheating? thanks guys really!
guys.. ive fixed the problwem .. turns out the way they had a cover over the heatsinks and the way the fan was placed made it so that whehn dust got in there it built up onthe heatsink and just created a wall.. my tempsnow at idle ar at 54degrees C vs 75degrees C thanks again for all ur input!! :smile:
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