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Video Card Died?? help me figure it out...

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Hey guys help me with your opinions on this is...

I came into my room because it smelled of an electronic fire...

my monitor was on but not getting a signal and i turned everything off

then thinking my monitor was toast i plugged it in to my other family computer and it worked fine, so the monitor is OK.

I opened up the case and it was VERY dusty, probably the problem. The following info pertains to what is broken in my computer...

It seemed to boot up normally though I cannot see whats going on, it gave 1 beep which I dont think is normal, cant remember

The hard drive spins and clicks just like normal so I think its fine.

Also the keyboard responds to the different 'lock' modes

So seeing that it probably boots up normally the CPU, RAM, mobo and harddrive are OK... am I correct in assuming it is the video card that is toast?? any other ways to figure this out??

thanks guys! :cool:
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Check to see if the fan on your video card is running. If you are getting:

Pay attention to the beep and post how many beeps you are getting.
1 beep indicates the computer has posted,which is normal,try another video card,if you have an old one or try your card in another comp
oh and which mobo are you using, i've been looking around and it seems different bios have different beep codes for some reason i thought they were all universal.
OK I have a little more information thanks for the help already guys!

1. yea its one very brief little beep it gives after several seconds of healthy sounding startup. I honestly cant remember if its normal or not but I THINK its new...

2. my motherboard is an intel D845EBG2, not listed on your BIOS link, phu

3. with the speakers plugged in it plays the startup and shutdown music so it does in fact completely start up.

EDIT: 4. oh and ALL the fans start up, CPU, GPU, and the case fans. unfortunately nothing is obviously broken :rolleyes:

Can somebody throw me a checklist of what could be broken, it seems to me that everything essential must be working, CPU MOBO RAM and my HD, is it just the video card??
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intel is your m/b look in the manual or on the bios chip for the brand of bios
it is unlikely to be revevant in this case
see if you get anything in safe mode
I'm assuming your motherboard has a monitor port on it. Try plugging the monitor into that intead of the video card. If it works, the video card is suspect.
I'm not sure how to go into safe mode or how to navigate it without having video. Also I have no onboard video on my mobo either.

Once again could somebody with a bit more expertice than myself offer me a checklist on what is definetly working and what is not? Again I'm assuming that since windows loads up and plays the startup music that everything critical (RAM, HD, mobo, CPU) all work. is this a correct assumption?

thanks guys :deveous:
If you can't plug into another video port then you'll need to find another video card to work with. Any PCI or AGP card should do the trick.

To get into Safe Mode just press F8 while Windows begins to boot up.
swapped cards and yea mine is fried. thanks guys
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