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video adapter driver issue

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i know this has to do with a video card, but the problem is with windows assigning drivers so.. here it goes.

i have a dell inspiron laptop. it has a 128mb shared memory, integrated video card. the last few times i have reformatted, it shows under my hardware manager that i have 2 video adapters. it says that theyre both in the same location, just with different functions.

the problem is that it splits the 128 in half to each one. only letting me use 96mb while playing games / playing back video.

i have tried reinstalling the most current drivers, as well as uninstalling both devices and reinstalling the drivers again. it still ends up showing 2 video adapters.

the only information i have is that when i reformat, and install my video drivers initially, it only installs them to ONE of the two that are shown, i have to use the update driver option on the other...

any help as to how to have it only show as one, and combine the memory to how it should be, would be awesome. i know when i bought this notebook that it only showed as one..

thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Most laptops will show 2 adaptors, as the video card has two outputs (the attached LCD and an external connection).

The 96mb limit is not due to this, however.

Check your BIOS ... How much is being shared there?
well, it doesn't show up in my bios, it never has. it's just supposed to be fixed to 128 megs. but recently, even after reformatting it shows as 96 megs in dxdiag.exe, as well as under the adapter's properties.
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