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vid card problems..

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hey all,

this is a lengthy post, but there are alot of details. if you can help, in any way, i would love to hear from you. thank you..

i'm still pretty fresh at all of this, so please bear with me.

i've got a duron 1.2 on an MSI KT3-Ultra, with 256m of DDR running Win2K.

the other day, i got a Chaintech Geforce4 mx440 to replace my MSI geforce2 mx.

after initial install with nvidia's detonator drivers, i started having problems. to begin with, the mouse pointer would delay. i would move the mouse and the pointer would catch up a second later. i fixed this by adjusting in the display props. advanced, a slider for hardware acceleration. i moved the slider down one notch to a setting that had a description of 'for mouse pointer problems, use this setting blah blah blah'.. so everything was good.

then, i went to run 3dmark2001, as anybody with a new vid card would do. but before the splash screen would come up, the system would lock.

after system reset, i tried a few other progs. then again, it would lockup after trying to open any graphic heavy prog. including, windows media player, real player, MOHAA, max payne..etc etc..

so, i went back to the nvidia site and d/l'd another copy of detonator drivers as i thought i may have gotten a bad copy. but still, same problems..

so this afternoon, after a day of rest, i took up the problem again.
i put the geforce2 back in the machine in hopes of at least getting some kind of decent graphic while i figured out if the problem was my system or the geforce4.

but, after putting the geforce2 back in, i was geting the same problems.

then, i decided to go for broke and install a clean copy of Win2k. i also reset the BIOS to manufacture defaults. i left the geforce2 in for the install because i know for sure it works right.

when it cam etime to install drivers, i opted for standard vga drivers only. then went to nvidia and got the new detonator and installed them.

guess what happened..

yep, same problems. system lockup with opening of anything that involved graphics. not to metion the mouse problems...

i have also installed the new 4in1 drivers and a few other small driver updates and patches.

so at this point, i wanna trash the whole thing. i have looked on via, nvidia, MSI, and about 1000 other forums looking for some kind of insight..

i know this is a pretty lenghty post and is pretty involved, but if anybody would like to help undertake this project, i would be so greatly appreciative.

and, thank you in advance, for i know that if you have read this far, you might be able to identify with me.

thank you very much..

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Hello and welcome to the forum. First off, try going into the bios and turn off any "shadowing" that is video related and re-boot. Both the cards you have should work just fine with detonator XP drivers (yes, detonator XP for win2000, it basically means detonator 4). I'm thinking elswhere, but this is a good place to start. The card should have no problem running with full hardware acceleration even with the MX series being a little shy in the openGL department. Especially in win2k.
just did as you suggested. but, the only 'shadowing' i saw at all was 'C000,32' with the options 'disable, enable, and cache'. it was set to cache. i changed it to disable. but to no avail.. thanks for getting back to me and if you have anything else, i would love to hear it.
OOoh, change that back. I'm looking up your MOBO as we speak........... Hang on.............

I meant "Video bios shadowing"
OK, guys I need some help. Downloading the manual will take freakin forever on my dial up. I did find out that this mobo is particular about ram and power supplies. I'm passing the ball to someone closer to a cable modem.............
i've got the manual here along with the PDF format. i changed the BIOS option back. ask me anything and i will be able to answerr it.
ask me anything and i will be able to answerr it.
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good luck!! :D
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