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Very slow connections - modem problem?

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I have verizon DSL and have had no problems for several months, but for the past 2- weeks have very slow internet connections, even when changing links within sites. The modem is Westell 327W. I tried verizon online support, that said to turn modem off then on again, and that helped for a short time. I can'rt locate the verizon/dsl telephone contact number to discuss this! it takes almost a minute to connect to a site. Using windows XP-home, on toshiba P35. I guess my question is, do the modems "wear out"? thanks for any advice.
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Hello and Welocome to TSF,

I don't believe you have a modem problem. There may be many reasons for a slow connection speed. Possible (most common) reasons are the connection speed that you are provided by verizon or Infected Operating System. Some OS files or registry entries might have been corrupted also.

First of all check your connection ( download and upload speeds) speed at

Then lets clean up basic stuff and scan your computer for malware.
-Install and run cleanup! (cleanup doesn't do any backups so make sure you dont have anything installed or anything important in your temp files)
-Install and run an ewido scan.

Let us know if you found out that the infection is severe.

Kindest Regards.
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Checked the down/upload speeds; what do they mean?

Thanks for reply. My download speed is 27; upload is 130. I have no idea whether these are good or bad! I installed the other two you mentioned. I don't see a difference in speed. Should I resort to calling Verizon? and if so does anyone know the support number? It's not on their site.
Installed evido and ran cleanup

I ran cleanup and that showed "0." installed and ran evido but no messages from that one.
Those are really scores for speed tests. I would call their tech support to see if they can figure out why you are geting such slow speeds.
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