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Very slow computer

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Hi, y'all. A friend of mine has a problem I'd like to help her with. She has an HP computer with XP. It is unbelievably slow in both Windows and on the Internet. It takes a few minutes (sometimes even longer) to open anything (even when checking properties of something like a picture) in Windows and the Internet can take 10 minutes to get to a website.
Her kids have probably 40 games installed, and numerous other programs. We have started deleting unused games and programs. I have downloaded AdAware & SpyBot and will take it over when I go back (I think her computer would have taken a couple of hours to download these).
After the scans, I plan to run disc cleanup, defrag, and scan disk.
I checked the running processes and found nothing. However, I did notice that the PF usage was very high at over 300 meg, at least that seemed high to me since the only window open was the task manager. Also, the CPU usage was very active (lots of spikes).
Get the idea I don't know what I'm doing? I don't...that's why I'm here. If my ideas don't do any good then I'll be out of ideas. I just thought I ought to get an idea of what kind of information y'all need to help me, so I can get it when I'm over there again.
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Defrag the drive as follows (for a complete defragging including the pagefile)

Disable hibernation in control panel>power options (if you use it)
Start>right click My Computer>properties>advanced tab>in the performance box>settings>advanced tab>virtual memory box

Set virtual memory initial size to 0, set maximum size to 0- click set>OK

Turn off system restore


Defrag drive- if your internet is cable or dsl-disconnect modem, disable antivirus software during defrag

Re-enable all of the above- set virtual memory initial and maximum size to 1.5 or 2 times physical memory

Check drive transfer mode:

start>rite click my computer>properties>hardware tab>device manager>expand ide controller>rite click on primary ide channel>properties>advanced settings>

Transfer mode should be DMA if available
Current Mode should be dma not PIO

Delete cookies and temp files (internet options)

What antivirus program are you running?

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