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Very confused plz help

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i bought a brand new computer this is it - CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2076 Phenom II X4 840(3.2GHz) 4GB DDR3 1TB HDD Capacity NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

out the box set it up and no internet connection at all notice its picking up a ip address of so i reinstall windows 7 then i downgrade to my windows xp no internet connection so i look on the internet do all the fixes i can sick winsock, going in cmd ipconfig /release all that stuff nothing works i have another computer with windows vista and it works fine on the internet oh and in this process i bought another router thinking that its that still nothing i go to the router menu in the vista computer and i dont see the new computer in attached devices everything else is there so i manually config my new computer in network places with ip address and gateway all that now it says i am connected i can see it on the routers menu under attached devices but when i open up explorer no page my router is a netgear n600 wndr3400 i am connected through ethernet. i am at wits end any and all help would be greatly appreciated:pray:
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just to confirm, the internet connection u are using to connect your new computer is working for sure?
and you have setup the router to work with your computer?
are you using the right ethernet cable?
and the correct lights are flashing on your modem and router?
yes internet is working i can access it from my vista computer and my ipod touch its weird i am sending packets in the network but not receiving
have you checked the firewall? it maybe blocking all incoming traffic.
Try to boot in safe mode with networking and check whether you can browse.
how would i go about looking at the firewall i dont have any anti virus set up this is a fresh install of xp
first of all you need anti virus before going on the internet

second windows will have automatically set windows firewall on, go into control panel and check if windows firewall is blocking the connections.

Have you installed your ISPs software or connected to the site where you can make your connection active?
i believe i have done all the above like i said i had to manually enter a ip address and dns address just to get the internet connection to say its connected and when i pop up internet explorer it takes awhile but it still will not connect to a page nor can i access the router menu through this computer but when i look at the router menu i can see it is in the attached devices
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