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Very Bizarre Printing Occurrence With Epson Stylus 1270

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Okay...this makes no rational sense but maybe someone out there has had this happen before and knows how to troubleshoot.

I have been merrily using my Epson to print on various brand paper (Epson Photo Quality Inkjet and HP Everyday Photo Paper). It's been working fine.

Then suddenly yesterday my printer started printing everything "blue". All the images have a strong blue tint to it (although the white areas stay white). I did not change a THING with my settings. This is strange.

I tried downloading the newest driver from Epson site for Windows XP (I didnt delete the old driver just installed the new one and used that new drive to print) and it didnt do a darned thing. I am not that familiar with color management but I did try to change the Photoshop print settings to Photoshop deciding the output as opposed to the printer (just for one print) which made NO difference.

I did a nozzle check and checked the ink output and all 5 inks print out neat as a pin. It seems like the prints are missing the warm tones (yellow?).

I use "photo quality glossy film" and "inkjet photo quality" respectively as my print options based on the paper used above. I tried changing it to "standard paper" and I got one or two regular looking prints with standard, so I thought it might just be something strange with the paper quality settings but after those couple prints it started printing blue again...even on "standard paper" settings.

I am at a loss for what to do now. I dont want to play with the settings too much to screw up what was already working beforehand. Honestly, it just started doing this on it's own. The puzzling thing is that the nozzle check shows all the inks printing out flawlessly.

HELP ANYONE?? This is SO frustrating.

Thanks in advance,
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Check epson's website....there is a patch for XP sp2 users who are experiencing odd print behavior...see if your printer is affected. As a temp fix try going to printer properties>>advanced settings and select ICM, nothing else and see how the print comes out.
Still doesnt work...but thanks

Well, I tried what you suggested and changed the printer settings to "ICM enabled" both by printer and by host system and it didnt change anything.

I also looked for the patch you mentioned but it only applies to MAC users. I couldnt find anything relevant for WIndows XP.

Thanks for the input at any rate. ; )

If anyone has any other suggestions, I am all ears. I am going to hook my printer up to my other computer (also running Windows XP but Windows Pro Sp2 instead of Home) tomorrow and see what happens.

Keeping my fingers crossed....

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How old is the printer? As you have already done the normal things I would be more inclined to suspect the electronics in the drive.
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