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vertical lines on screen

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Last week I didnt shut down my pc properly, and ever since I get these vertical lines on my screen. I updated my video card software but it still doesnt solve the problem. When i am able to start windows normally, and i play a game, in the middle of it , the lines and a blue screen with lots of words on it will show. Is there something wrong with my video card? do i need to get a new one??
Can someone help?

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Post the make/model of the PC. If custom built then post the specs.

MB-CPU-RAM-GPU-PSU brand/wattage

Can you post the details on the blue screen error?
umm it's custom built and a friend helped me with it so i'm not very sure. How do I check for the specs?

and now my screen is just black , it doesn't show anything so i have no way of posting the blue error details.
You can open the case and look.

Model number should be labeled on motherboard.

Check the PSU label for the brand/wattage (model number should do)
Motherboard : ASUS G-SURF365

PSU model : PT - 380ATX

Input : 220V , 50Hz , 6A

Output : +12V = 16A ( Yellow )+5V=18A( Red ) PG ( Grey )
-12V = 0.5A ( blue ) + 5Vsb=2.0A (purple ) +3.3V=16A( Orange )
Brand & Model of the GPU (video card)?
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