As many of you may know from the TV commercials, Verizon has released a new mobile data plan, The Share Everything Plan. With many families moving all of their phones to smartphones, Verizon offers to lower their phone bill. Currently, families may be paying for shared minutes, text and individual data which can be pretty expensive.

Customers that choose to pick this plan will receive unlimited talk, unlimited text, Verizon’s Mobile Hotspot and shared data. Customers will get to choose what amount of data may be appropriate for their devices. Verizon gives their customers the option to hop back onto their previously removed unlimited plans.

The Share Everything Plan allows up to 10 devices, whether it’s a basic phone, smartphone, Verizon Jetpack USB Modem, or tablet to be attached to the mobile plan. Each device added to the plan will cost a different amount each month; a basic phone is $30 a month, a smartphone is $40, Jetpack is $20, and a tablet is $10 a month. When it comes to the shared data the monthly prices are $50 for 1GB, $60 for 2GB, $70 for 4GB, $80 for 6GB, $90 for 8GB and $100 for 10+ GB. The data prices are on top of the prices for the devices.

Although the plan is great for families with a large amount of smartphones, it is not so great for families that plan to keep basic phones. The plan is designed to upgrade those basic phone users to their new smartphones. To find out how much you would be paying per month Verizon has created a plan calculator which can be found here . __________________