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Verizon DSL, Cannot Find Server

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Need Help
Running Windows Me, Verizon DSL and contacted tech support several times - spoke to a level 3 tech support who indicated that the problem could be a javascript blocker. Computer was working previously with a different modem, had a problem and called Verizon, they sent a new modem and still have the same problem. Took it to work and it connected to the internet but at home, it does not work.

DSL tech support checked pop up blocker, antivirus software expired, pinged a site and did not go through, cable modem has solid lights, ethernet light on back of computer is working, checked all networking settings and they are fine, changed ip settings to a specific network and still not working.

The tech support suggested that the javascript is blocked but why does it work when it is at the office but at home it does not work.
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I think the tech support is pulling your leg. Can you find a friend with a laptop to test your connection? That's one way to isolate the problem area. Can you do this for us?

Open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.
Verizon tech support

Most of the tsa's are moron and even some lvl 3's
what the lvl 3 was telling u crap a popup blocker wouldn't get you can not find server
that's an issue with u connecting all together

which modem and or router are u using and what state your in
and if your still having issues message me your phone number i can look u up
Okay, I recently ran into this problem myself. The problem is you can't connect correctly, and it's usually because your account was suspended. This is what happened in my case. You can try calling the Billing Center and see if I'm right.
How do you usually connect? if you can connect your equipment in office then you could very possibly have a dhcp kind of connection with your ISP...
here's what's happening...the MAC address (or crudely serial number or a unique identifier of your equipment in Verizon's network) of another equipment aside from your laptop that you connected at your home is still registered there in their servers...thus...and you probably forgot to release the ip address first from that original equipment before unplugging it and plugging in your laptop. That's why the info on the previous equipment (PC,laptop,etc.) could possibly still be there in the server. so the laptop which you so conveniently connected after the original equipment cannot get its own ip address.

if this is the case...try retrieving the old equipment (usually a router) that you had prior to the laptop..and see if you can connect using that in the internet and then shut it down twice...(or better yet, manually go inside the equipment and release the ip there) that done, that's the time to reconnect your laptop...and presto you should be able to connect the laptop this time...

if this does not solve the problem...
answer these get back to you asap:

1. what is the brand name and model number of the modem that Verizon provided you? (usually its something from Westell)
2. Whatr is the brand and model number of the original equipment connected to your pc aside from the modem (if there is) ?
3. ask Verizon what kind of connection type you have with their network..pppoe or dhcp...more likely dhcp..

i'll hear from you soon

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